Three Cranes Gallery began many years ago, with something as simple as friendship bracelets. They were bought in bulk and sold at festivals and to local shops, and instantly became a big hit. As demand grew, the need for larger quantities also grew and that’s when our questions and quest began.

Where do they come from?
Can we get them directly from the source?
Can we create our own original designs?
This quest for the best led us to the mountains of Guatemala where our bracelets had originated. There we quickly learned, that personal attention and cooperation, as well as love and respect brought forth wonderful things: lifetime friendships and the finest handcrafted products possible.

Since those early days we have maintained that same way of working. Then, as now, all of the artisans that handcraft our products world-wide, work directly and exclusively for Three Cranes Gallery.

As our product lines and range of global sources grew, we saw the need to maintain rhythm and flow throughout the process in order to keep costs down, which led us to start our own direct importing company, One Of A Kind Importing.

So, there we were, producing and importing a variety of high quality handcrafted products, but unfortunately, things had started to change with many of our customers. Stores that had once carried our products started stocking cheaper, machine-made look-alike goods rather than our quality, top-of-the-line handcrafted offerings.

This led us to opening a retail store of our own – Three Cranes Gallery.

Located in quaint and historic New Hope, Bucks County, PA, our store like our friendship bracelets, has been a big hit for well over a decade. Since our opening customers have asked “Do you have a website ?“

Finally the answer to that question is yes.

We hope that our online store and our products bring a smile and you share us with all.