Tips To Mix Animal Prints In Your Outfits

While there are fashion proponents who do not favour mixed prints, it is equally important to note that there is no concrete fashion rules. It eventually depends on how well you integrate contrasts. A peacock print fairy dress, for instance, can be masterfully incorporated with another print, provided it is done ingeniously. For that, you need to consider a few basic points.

Avoid Over-Multiplicity

If you are looking for a mixed-print outfit, it is ideally recommended to keep it within the same colour-range. Keep in mind that the animal print is the focal point of attention; therefore, it should be properly complemented on the outskirts. For instance, you can choose a black-and-brown leopard print or a black-and-white striped outfit. The contrast should be visible but only elementarily.

Go for Leopard Prints

While you are free to pick any kind of print as you wish, you might find it difficult to pair it with stuff later. For instance, if you go for an elephant-print dress, it is unlikely to match a very wide range of attires. Therefore, it is best to go for leopard prints which are especially advantageous for the polka dots. Polka dots literally go with all kinds of colours and shades. It is indeed a safe bet; besides, it is colossally popular, starting from luxury-class people to middle-class denizens.

Choose A Balanced Pattern

While looking for contrasts, it is important to focus on a balanced outcome. Technically speaking, it is ideal to integrate a large-scale pattern with a small-scale pattern. That way, it is visually symmetrical. For instance, if you go for a leopard print you can easily accommodate a puny floral motif on the outskirts, leaving the print to take up the rest of the space. At the same time, it is important to keep in mind that it is gross to overdo the dress with a chaos of clumsy patterns. It only serves to take the spotlight off the print.

Focus On The Silhouette

Apart from the colours and patterns, the garment plays an equally important role. Therefore, it is vital pay adequate attention to the silhouette. At the same time, it should not be exaggerated, thereby rendering the print portion negligible. As mentioned earlier, an animal print outfit is essentially an eye-catcher; it does not need additional props. To fall for redundant accessories is to render the attire itself redundant, which clearly negates the very purpose of the affair.

Print Is Not Serious Fashion

If you are readying for print fashion, brace for fun. It is no serious attire and is supposed to look electric and sassy. Most people contend that prints are really ridiculous. However, that is the point of it all. It is not po-faced fashion, is meant to be fun and thoroughly accessible; which is what makes it so popular.

To revert to the foremost contention, fashion is too free to be confined to rules. Keeping up with that spirit, Three Cranes Gallery provides a wide variety of the finest collection at highly competent prices.