5 Ways You Can Style A Leopard Print Dress

While animal print is certainly the talk of the town, a majority of fashion-freaks gives in to exaggeratingly garish print outlooks. For instance, while it is convenient to supplement a honeybee-print dress with colorful accessories, the same is redundant in the case of a leopard print. Therefore, in order to style a leopard print outfit, you need only follow a few basic points.

Go For Layering

One of the trendiest turns today is layering a leopard print. While layering several prints would have been scoffed only a few years ago, it is the fad of the hour. There are various kinds of leopard prints available; try and don the same print suffused with different shades. Apart from that, in order to heighten the impact of the print, you can also sport a leopard print jacket of a contrasting hue.

Try Patent Leather

While it is certainly unconventional, you can try patent leather to style your favourite leopard print. What makes it especially conducive is its tangible neutrality which serves to heighten the polka dots. Specifically, the duo of patent leather and leopard print creates a sassy, street look finely evocative of the fag-end of the 20th century. To make it all the better, you can pair it with sporty denim.

Style with Floral Motifs

So far as leopard print is concerned, floral motifs are a fine way of smartening it up. However, make sure to combine the print with its totally opposite pattern. In order to spotlight on both sides equally, floral patterns are the best pick with a leopard print. One of the biggest pluses of the floral motif is that you don’t need to focus on additional styling. The contrasting effect is enough in itself.

Go for Monochrome

As mentioned at the outset, leopard print need not be over-crowded by garish shades. Therefore, it is ideal to go for monochrome which is at once elegant and rightly complements the freckles of the print. So you should definitely go for black or white which by far best represents the leopard print. For instance, you can layer a leopard print dress with a black T-shirt. Whichever way you accessorize, make sure that the print is lit up conveniently against a fairly bald backdrop.

Use Leopard Print Sparingly

The secret to wearing leopard print is to wear it sparingly. You need not necessarily confine it to special occasions. However, make sure it is not a regular with you. If, in spite of all, you must don it, you can style it with white trainers, which is perfect on a cool day. Apart from that, you can also pair it with gladiator sandals on a sunny noon. You can also go for Chelsea boots along with a leather jacket.

Fashion has no strict rules. The idea is to achieve a harmony of visuals without exaggerating anything. If you are looking for the newest print trend, Three Cranes Gallery sports a varied collection of styles at highly competent rates.