The Best Ways to Appear Stylish and Stay Warm in Winter

Regardless of whether you are going to a wedding, racecourse or going out with your boyfriend, choosing the right apparel is essential when the cold wind is blowing outside.

In other words, if you are approaching the cold season then don’t worry if your closet is filled with shorts, t-shirts and jeans. At the same time, it is not necessary to submerge yourself in the sub-zero parkas when the season’s first snow whitens your porch.  If you are in a frenzy regarding what winter clothes to buy and what not then check the list given below by Three Cranes gallery for your benefit.

Cold Weather Coat Which Covers Your Butt

One of the main things which you should think before buying anything is a coat that will keep you warm even in the harshest cold days.

Moreover, it should cover your butt so that your body stays warm when you have to go outside in the cold seasons. In this case, what you require is a parka that comes near to the middle of your thigh and comes with features zip-in liners, optional fur so that you can take it off when it is not snowing as well as zip-off hoods.

It is better to choose waterproof than a water-repellent so that you can wear it both in rain and snow. The popular brands that have coats like the ones described here are Canada Goose and Northface that sells quality goods at reasonable prices.

Warm and Stylish Caps

Finding a warm hat or cap is equally essential for warmth and style in winter. You don’t want to wear a stylish coat with a hat or a cap that is simply not matching with the rest of the outfit.

At the same time, it is also true that our face shape, style and fittings influence the overall look of our attire. The best thing would be to try different hats or caps to find out which one suits your face first.

From beanie to caps as well as the hand knit wool Sherpa hats online are very famous these days. Hence, check your winter headwear to see if it matches your face shape followed by your attire before going out of your house.


Well, it is a common thing, and you have already thought about it, but it is the shopping process that we should pay attention to in terms of comfort and colours. The best thing is to buy two cozy ones that will complement what is in your closet. Also, if you are buying two then buying a thick one is important and also a thin one that can be worn under any of your lighter jackets in terms your comfort and flexibility of usage.


Many underestimate the power of scarf, but it is not only a style factor but also a comfortable extra layer beside your outfit. The importance of scarf is only felt by those who use it every day in the winter days. In this case, you should buy two or three scarfs that will complement the color of your outfit. You will find them various prints and colors under an affordable price range.

Well, the other things like waterproof boots, warm tights are personal choices and should be worn in terms of individual desires and comforts. Even though, winter offers us the chance to fashionable, make sure that you are not overdoing it unknowingly.