The Thrill Of The Winter’s Chill

All seasons have their charms. There are some specific activities in which people engage themselves in different seasons for the purpose of having fun. At the same time, you need to be careful about your health in the different seasons.


This is the coldest season of the year and comes after autumn and before spring each year. However, the time and duration vary across the world depending on the variations in climate in the different zones of the planet.

Winter occurs when the axis of the Earth is oriented away from the sun in that particular hemisphere. When it is winter in the Northern Hemisphere, it is summer in Southern Hemisphere and vice versa.

In many parts of the world, winter is characterized by snowfall and a drop in temperatures below the freezing point.

In the winter season, there is a day which is called the winter solstice. This day has the shortest day length and the longest night length. This day occurs when the sun is at its farthest below the horizon as measured from the pole. After this day, the day length keeps increasing and night length decreasing with the passage of each day. Some parts of the world experience extreme winters each year.

Preparations and Precautions for Winter

There are mainly two types of protection people use against cold – Heating and clothing.

People across the world look for exposure to heat in cold conditions. Heat helps to maintain normal body temperature and prevents us from catching a cold. Fire is the most ancient and natural means of generating heat. Before the advent of heating systems, fire was the only source of heat generation.

Before the advent of heating systems, people used to make fire in artificial structures made of brick, stone or metal called fireplace. Today there are district heating systems in place for generating heat for large areas in those parts of the world which experience extreme cold conditions. To provide heat to a building or a part of a building central heating systems are used.

Clothing used for protection against winter is known as winter clothing or winter wear. Generally, they have a thick texture to provide protection against cold and moisture. You need to stay warm and cozy in winter irrespective of whether you are moving, resting or involved in a particular activity.

This is important for staying healthy and safe.  Coats, blazers, jackets, pullovers, cardigans and sweaters are some forms of winter wear. People also use hats, caps, gloves, and scarves to keep themselves warm. Winter clothing has also become an important part of global fashion. Customers look for stylish winter wear in the various stores and online portals. Jackets are a very popular form of winter wear across the world.

They are more popular and coveted amongst the youth and teenagers in almost all parts of the world. Some jackets are meant for formal occasions while others are for casual or sports use. Mountain jackets are a very stylish and masculine variety. You can buy Himalayan mountain jackets this winter. You will find good quality mountain jackets at the Three Cranes Gallery. It is well known for its mountain jackets.

Stay warm and healthy. Take care of your family and enjoy the winter.