The Beauty Of Wool As A Fabric

Wool is the textile fibre obtained from sheep and other animals. The scaling and crimp of wool make it easier to spin the fleece by helping the individual fibres attach to each other which keeps them together.

Wool fabrics have greater bulk than other textiles, and they hold air which allows the fibre to retain heat. This is the secret behind the ability of woollen garments to keep people warm. Wool is also elastic.  Another quality of wool is that it easily absorbs moisture. It has the capacity to absorb almost one-third of its own weight in water.

A wide variety of woollen garments are used by people across the world to protect themselves from cold. Wool snowflake Himalayan mountain jacket is a stylish example of woollen garments. You can find some good mountain jackets at the Three Cranes Gallery.

The Process of Making Woollen Garments

A big advantage of wool is that it requires very little processing, as it is a natural fibre. There are different steps in the whole process.

 Shearing of the sheep is the first step. Sheep grow a lot of wool, and different types of garments can be processed from the wool. Sheep have to be shorn before the end of winter because they start shedding their wool after that. After that, the trimmed wool is sorted and unusable wool is discarded.

Then natural oils are removed from the sorted wool. This is done by washing the wool thoroughly with soap and water. After that, the wool is combed with small brushes so that its natural fiber loops open up and it becomes softer and fluffier.

This process is called picking and carding. Then the wool is dyed by immersing it in a vat of dye. That is sufficient because wool absorbs and retains color well. Then strands of yarn are spun from the wool and twisted together to produce the finished product.

Finally, garments and other wool products are knit from the finished yarn. Most wool products are made by machines in factories. Some people also knit woolen garment manually.

Some Tips For Taking Care of Your Woolen Garments

Woolen garments tend to lose their shape easily. Woolen garments can shrink if not washed with care. Like other clothing woolen garments also need care and safe handling.

Hand wash or machine wash is not recommended by most manufacturers in the case of woolen clothes. They recommend dry cleaning instead. In case machine wash is permissible, one has to be careful regarding the use of the washing machine. Similarly, if hand wash is allowed one has to be careful regarding the process.

One can’t afford to use brute force in the case of woolen garments. As far as storage of woolen garments is concerned, contact with the walls should be avoided and mothballs or cedar chips should be placed with the woolen clothes for the purpose of repelling and killing insects. Woolen garments should be exposed to open air at least once a year.