Dress Yourself Up To The Occasion

The origin of clothing can be traced back to prehistoric times.  In those times there were no proper shelters or clothing. Human beings of that age were called cavemen as they took shelter in caves just like animals.

Similarly, cavemen used to arrange their clothing from whatever they could gather from nature. Nature was their only resource.  Cavemen used to wrap fur, leather, leaves or grass around their bodies as the earliest form of clothing.

Clothing is generally made from textiles or animal skin. Clothing is not only for protection against the vagaries of nature, but it is also a part of social norms. In hot climates, clothing provides protection against the sun and loo. Clothing also provides protection against cold, snow and rain.

It is also used for protection and safety during some specific activities.   Clothing is also directly related to social status. There are also some specialized forms of clothing which are used in some specific professions or sports. Space suits, air-conditioned clothing, diving suits, swimsuits, high visibility clothing, protective clothing and clothing used for military purposes are some examples.

Variety and Differentiation in Clothing

The type of clothing people use depends on culture, religion, geographic location, gender, and social stratification. The differences are in texture, design, and color. Special clothing is also used by high profile people and on special occasions.

Royalty and diplomats wear high-quality, expensive attires and there are special attires worn by grooms and brides across the world.  Clothing also varies from culture to culture and people following different religions and sects also wear different types of dresses. The variations are in styles, designs, textures, colors, and materials.


A special trend or style in clothing, lifestyle, accessories or other such products is called fashion. However, in popular imagination fashion generally refers to clothing. In today’s world, fashion is a vibrant and booming industry. The industrial revolution and subsequent advances in technology had their influences on the world of fashion as well. In today’s market, winter clothing is an integral and important part of the fashion industry.

Winter Clothing

Fun and protection are parts of all the seasons. There are various ways in which people can enjoy themselves in different seasons. At the same time, you need to take various protections in the different seasons. Clothing is one of the different types of protections people use to protect themselves from adverse weather.

Winter clothing is of two types – outerwear and innerwear. In winter we need to keep ourselves warm and cozy. Different forms of winter wear are available in clothing stores and online portals across the world. Three Cranes Gallery is one of them. It is famous for its women wool Himalayan mountain jacket.

In today’s world clothing is not just an accessory for protection or maintaining decency. They indeed define you provided you are dressed up to the occasion.